An effective residential solar battery allows you to store the electricity generated by your solar panel system effectively, enabling even more savings in the long term and optimal efficiency in your energy usage. You can still sell back your excess energy into the grid.

Benefits of residential solar panels

These are the benefits awaiting you when you install solar panels near Nowra:

  • Harnessing the power from the sun to help power up your appliances is an environmentally friendly decision to make. Other materials such as coal, oil, and natural gas release greenhouse gases in the air during the production process, harmful to the earth. These traditional materials are quickly running out since none of them is renewable. Residential and commercial clients alike are responsible for the air quality in their region and should install a solar system to ensure they remain eco-friendly.
  • Every householder or business owner would love to save money on their expenses. Residential solar systems allow this by generating savings on your monthly utility bills. Simply install the appropriate size of solar panels on the roof of your property and let nature take its course. 
  • Traditional electricity sources can sometimes be unreliable. You can depend on solar panels to consistently deliver energy since it only requires the sun’s heat and energy. Bear in mind that non-renewable energy resources will eventually run out, requiring businesses and homes to find alternative sources of electricity.
  • If you’re ever considering placing your property on the market, you want to obtain the highest potential offer. Every piece of investment that you make will contribute to its overall value. The fact that you have residential solar panels in place is a critical feature for prospective buyers. As a result, you can demand the price for your property while the buyers can confidently acquire the house with the knowledge that they can generate solar power.
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Personalised service

We offer a personalised service from start to finish. We’ll go through all the solar options for you and what will reduce your carbon footprint and save you the most money – no sales guys, just the installers themselves giving you the honest and best advice. 


We always use reputable products to guarantee our customers get the best quality available. We install various solar panel brands and offer multiple inverter options depending on your budget and system needs. 


Rest assured that we will take care of your requirements with our CEC Accredited installer and designer attending your requirements. The Clean Energy Council has vetted all our installation products, and this endorsement ensures you receive safe and compliant products at all times.

FAQs & Useful Information

Changing the way you see power with solar installation

For millennia the human race has been aware of the power and influence of the sun, but only with advancing technologies have we been able to capitalise on the energy it provides to the earth and all its inhabitants. With a seemingly endless supply of solar energy on offer, we provide you with the opportunity to harness the sun with our solar installation.

Serving as an alternative means of energy production to fossil fuels, gas and wind power, solar energy might be one of the best solutions for combating our climate crisis. More people are deciding to move towards using only solar energy, as systems such as ours carry several incentives, including tax rebates and reducing household emissions.

Although you might think that solar system installation is more of a luxury than a necessity, we would like to show you how it can significantly benefit your business and home. Australia is known for its high temperatures, which one can directly relate to the impact of the sun. With one of the highest sunshine exposures globally, our country sees more sunlight than most of the other continents, creating an almost perfect setting for the use of solar power. You should invest in solar energy because:

  • It’s free. The reason evolving technology has taken a preference towards solar power is that it cannot run out— unless you plan to stick around for 5 billion years. Our sun is a star that produces astronomical amounts of heat energy in the form of radiation, which fuels our planet and its natural processes, with the best part being that it does so without any help from us.
  • You lessen your impact on the natural world. By choosing solar power, you make the conscious decision to use an eco-friendly alternative means of power generation, as it removes the need for planet-polluting fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is the most significant contributing factor to our changing climates, as it affects the planet when we use it and when we mine and process it.

When clients approach us, they are often unsure about choosing solar power due to a lack of knowledge regarding costs, maintenance and effectiveness. With the rising costs of living, services like ours provide you with the ability to stay afloat financially and keep your conscience clear at the same time. By making minor adjustments now, you can ensure that you are ready and waiting for the day you decide to retire or start a family, knowing that your energy production means are already in working order. We believe that our residential solar system installation is essential because of:

  • Not a single sound. Because solar systems use sunlight to generate electricity, it is a quiet process with no emissions. Perfect for our avid birdwatchers and bibliophiles, solar energy can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and maintain an almost church-like means of electricity generation.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Instead of breaking the bank trying to pay your electricity bills, consider using solar power to decrease your monthly expenses. Solar power provides an incredible return on investment, as you can use it for years to come, only needing minor maintenance work to keep it running smoothly.

People often enquire about how solar systems will impact the visual aspect of their residences, as they worry that these systems might spoil the look of their homes. Because solar power has been around for such a long time, the general design of these systems has become exceedingly efficient and discreet, allowing us to integrate solar systems into your homestead. When dealing with your solar system install, we take note of:

  • How many solar panels you have. Solar panels come in various sizes, usually dependent on how much power you plan on generating or how much energy you require to operate your home and appliances.
  • How much space your roof has. Solar systems work best when they receive as much sunlight as possible, with the least number of obstructions—and what better place than your roof. People overlook that their roofs are mainly unused and serve as the perfect setting for solar systems due to the available space.

Electricity revolutionised the way people interacted with each other and made a whole new world possible. However, since a third-party company or government has to put measures in place to harness and distribute the energy, it’s become a costly exercise. Currently, people around the globe are struggling to meet the financial demands of their energy suppliers, highlighting the need for the introduction of solar systems. Commercial enterprises gravitated towards the idea of obtaining power from solar near Nowra over the past decade. That popularity has spilled over onto homeowners who now realise that solar is affordable and certainly more cost-effective than energy from the grid. 

We live in a society where electricity is crucial since it powers up essentials such as fridges, freezers and appliances, including dishwashers, computers, mobile devices and more. Almost everything you see requires energy to operate, especially in a commercial setting. Since demand is always high, it allows producers to push up the price of electricity. Solar panels capture the energy from the sun using photovoltaic units which convert it to electricity. 

The world is shifting towards a greener future, and solar-powered energy is at the forefront of that shift. Solar is a leading power technology that many households and businesses are now adopting and adapting to. Solar technologies continue to grow in popularity and have come a long way in price reductions over the past few years. Solar is more affordable and effective in supplying energy to homes and businesses than ever before. Bellette Electrical, Solar & Air Conditioning are Southern Highlands solar suppliers and installers to homes and businesses in the area. We provide solutions for solar in the Southern Highlands and are the number one advocates of South Coast solar uptake.

We have ten years of trusted experience in the industry, and are passionate about what we do and focus on commercial, industrial, and residential work. 

What are some of the benefits of solar power systems in South Coast NSW?

  • Everyone has heard that solar systems can save money on energy bills over the long term. The average electricity bill for a two-person Australian household is $1509 per year. Shifting to solar does require an initial upfront investment which is often what puts potential customers off. That is why we now offer our clients finance options on their solar installations.
  • When you combine solar with battery systems, you get an even better cost-saving synergy at your home or business because batteries enable you to store excess energy and allow for self-sufficiency.
  • Excess energy storage ensures that you are covered during peak energy times of the night. The cost savings achieved by installing solar systems in Southern Highlands at your home of business are well worth the investment. Please speak to us about how we can customise solar solutions for you.

Since the initial outlay for solar panels is significant, people immediately assume that it’s costly to maintain in the future. On the contrary, solar panels require little to no attention to perform at their maximum potential. Bear in mind that the system doesn’t contain moving parts that can degrade over time.

  • Since a solar electrician would install the panels high up to catch the sun’s rays, they’re not susceptible to dirt and debris at ground level. Having said that, it’s an excellent idea to inspect the panels occasionally to ensure that tree branches or pollen aren’t accumulating on them. Treat the panels as you would your windows, and you will enjoy the generation of electricity for years.
  • Thanks to its high location, solar panels will often clean themselves when it rains. If the solar panel electrician installs them at an angle, any dirt, pollen, or debris will simply wash away in the rain. If you don’t experience much precipitation then you should mimic rain by using a hose to wash off excess dirt. You should inspect the panels for any scratches as these can reduce the amount of light the solar cells receive. For this reason, don’t use abrasive cleaners on the panels as they could leave streaks and smudges that make it difficult to view. 
  • The primary role of solar panels is to draw energy from the sun’s rays. For this reason, it needs to have maximum exposure throughout the day. Usually, the solar system electrician will place the panels in the ideal position. However, over time, you may have trees that grow up high or new buildings coming about that compromise or change the patterns of sunshine. 
  • You need to monitor the energy output of your solar panel system, which you can do by installing an energy monitor. The information you receive from the monitor allows you to note the performance of the whole solar system. Usually, the output data is available online or via the smartphone app of the manufacturer.

If you’re asking yourself, what more should I consider before investing in solar systems in Southern Highlands? We have some tips:

  • In today’s socio-economic reality, the climate is an essential consideration for each individual. You can reduce your carbon footprint when using solar systems and benefit the planet and feel good knowing that you are saving money and doing your best for your family’s future.
  • Following the previous point, solar power is pollution-free as it does not emit any harmful products into the atmosphere. Further to that, it can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • The best part about solar energy is that it derives power from a 100 per cent natural source, the sun. It makes perfect sense to us to advocate for solar installation throughout Australia and the world. We are ready to discuss your solar needs today.

Throughout our company’s lifetime, we have been fortunate enough to form part of thousands of solar power installations, helping our clients reap the endless benefits of solar energy. By providing our clients with residential solar install services, we can help them reduce their impact on our natural world and save money simultaneously.

As a local Aussie business, we understand that our clients value our impact on their livelihoods and that we can grow our communities together by changing the way we see energy. When we can become more accountable for how we generate electricity, we can focus our energy on other important social issues while lessening our energy needs' effects on future generations. By making small changes individually, our collective efforts can result in massive improvements on how much energy the conventional energy grids produce to support our current needs.

When you need a trustworthy and reliable solar installation in Nowra, make sure that you only use the best in the business. Contact us today and let us assess your property for solar by one of our honest and knowledgeable technicians.

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We had a solar system installed by Isaac and his team and they were amazing. The install was done on time, to a high professional standard and competitively priced. I would highly recommend Bellette Electrical

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Could not recommend these guys highly enough. They did an excellent job, arrived on time and left no mess at all. We are very happy with our new solar.

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Professional, on time and a well planned system. First monthly bill arrived with a negative balance

– Taylor, West Nowra

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Isaac has installed ducted & split aircon systems for me recently, couldn’t speak higher of his workmanship & warm friendly attitude. Prompt & fast, up with the latest & greatest technology out there! Do yourself a favour & give Isaac a call, he won’t disappoint

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Isaac has a wonderful work ethic, is honest with a reliable service, competitive prices, and completed a range of electrical jobs for us in an efficient and professional manner. I would definitely recommend Bellette Electrical, Solar and Air Conditioning

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"Well done and Thank you Isaac for your great service"

We are so pleased with our new solar system installed by Bellette Electrical, Solar & Air Conditioning. Our first electricity account down by two thirds over the winter period. Well done and Thank you Isaac for your great service and honest advice

- Cheryl, Nowra

"The system has already nearly paid for itself!"

Had a solar installation last year. Have not had to pay an electricity bill for 12 months! The system has already nearly paid for itself! Isaac is very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this business and would definitely use again in the future.

- Glenn, Nowra 

"Very reliable and trustworthy"

Isaac was on time and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend him. Very reliable and trustworthy.

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Very professional how they go about their business. The job was done in a very short period of time – I would highly recommend. Great to see such professionalism.

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